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Houghton-Kearney Community Club

Houghton-Kearney Community Club

Welcome to the Houghton-Kearney Community Club (HKCC). We're excited to bring new activities, classroom tools and educational support resources, and a sense of pride for our Houghton-Kearney students, parents, teachers, families and community.

HKCC is a group of parents, grandparents, families, teachers, and community members who come together to support Houghton-Kearney student success through community and school activities, fundraisers, and awareness of the importance of involvement in a child's education.



By joining the Houghton-Kearney Community Club, you not only join an awesome group, but in doing so, our Houghton-Kearney students benefit from your active involvement in his/her education. 


How to Join

You can join Houghton-Kearney Community Club at any time. Look for scheduled meetings and join us!


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